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While the hours after a car accident may be a busy time of handling the necessities like notifying the insurance company, contacting an auto body shop, and reserving a rental vehicle, tending to car accident injuries should really be at the forefront. You see, an injured person needs to take a few moments to perform an online search for a car accident doctor. Before you get even more post-accident stress, rest assured that the search for medical help can be the easy part of the process.

Simply begin an online search for an accident doctor near me in Manhasset Hills, NY on your computer, tablet, or smartphone. You will be provided with a car accident doctor list. Jot down the MD office name, phone number, address, and website. Click on each medical provider website until you find a car accident doctor in Nassau County that offers emergency appointments for accident injured people.

Delayed Injury Symptoms Following A Car Accident Are Extremely Common

It happens all the time. A car accident victim in Manhasset Hills, NY walks away from a crash stating that there are no injuries. Then, hours or days later, the pain is beyond excruciating. Delayed pain from accident injuries are quite common. After an accident, the utter shock and increased adrenaline of the traumatic event actually masks the pain symptoms. Common accident injuries that typically have delayed symptoms include whiplash, back pain, traumatic brain injury, and more. Delayed symptoms is a strong reason why it’s important for motor vehicle accident victims to visit a car accident doctor in Nassau County as soon as possible after a crash.

Recommended Steps To Take After Suffering a Car Accident Injury

If you’ve been injured in a car accident, be sure to seek medical help from a car accident doctor in Manhasset Hills, NY. Whether the motor vehicle accident was a rear-end collision or occurred to the front or sides of the vehicle, any motor vehicle accident can cause injuries to the occupants of the automobile. Injuries from an auto accident such as whiplash, back pain and neck pain should be taken very seriously and medically evaluated.

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Most auto insurance companies advise injured car accident patients to seek medical attention from orthopedic doctors and surgeons, neurologists, physiatrists, chiropractors, and other specialized car accident doctors. If an injured person does not seek medical attention, there could be physical repercussions in the future including chronic neck and back pain. Locate an accident doctor near me in Nassau County that specializes in treating your specific type of car accident injury. It is not advised that you seek a diagnosis or treatment of your accident injuries from your primary care doctor.

Continue Medical Treatment Until The Car Accident Doctor Completes Treatment

All accident injury treatment begins with a consultation followed by an examination. When a diagnosis is made, an extensive and thorough treatment plan will be created. It’s quite important that the injured patient remains vigilant to attend all of the scheduled car accident doctor appointments. Any time lapse between appointments will hinder the recovery. The same is true for many car accident injured patients who cease treatment as soon as they begin to feel better. It’s important to continue treatment to its entirety and completion. The car accident doctor in Manhasset Hills, NY will perform a final evaluation and deem your treatment complete. This is important for auto insurance purposes and getting your injury claim paid on your behalf.

Common Car Accident Injuries

Auto accidents can result in serious injuries. Whiplash is the non-medical term to describe an injury to the neck. It’s generally associated with auto accidents, but whiplash can result from any serious impact to the head area. Common symptoms of whiplash include a stiff neck, headache and excruciating pain. The symptoms of whiplash can occur within the first 24 hours or be delayed for a few days.

Brain and head injuries can easily happen during a collision. A blow to the head can lead to a concussion. Concussion symptoms include which temporarily affects the brain causing issues such as memory loss, speech impairment, and confusion. Severe traumatic brain injuries can result in long term and permanent impairment.

Broken bones and ribs can happen as a collision moves a vehicle occupant forward, sideways or even backwards. Pelvic bone fractures are also common. Knee problems can happen as a result of the accident impact. Symptoms include bruising, swelling, and pain.

Quan Medical PLLC Physicians Handle More Than Just Accident Injuries

Quan Medical PLLC is trained to treat auto accident injuries and workplace injuries but as a physician based physical therapy practice, the team can effectively treat many health issues. The Quan Medical PLLC team provides pain management and treatment for arthritis, chronic pain, neck, sciatica, and back pain, Neuropathy, shoulder, elbow, and wrist pain, knee, ankle, and foot pain, sports injuries, balance and gait disorders, surgical rehabilitation and neurological disorders. With impressive compassion and the state-of-the-art remedies, a Quan Medical PLLC patient in Nassau County will receive the utmost care and look forward to returning to optimal physical status.

How Does Physiatry Help Car Accident Injuries?

Physiatry, also referred to as Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R), manages medical issues that affect the way people function. Physiatrists at Quan Medical PLLC treat a wide variety of medical conditions affecting the brain, nerves, spinal cord, bones, joints, ligaments, muscles, and tendons. The goals of the Quan Medical PLLC physiatrists are to maximize a patient’s independence in activities of daily living, return patients to pre-injury status, and improve the overall quality of life.

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If you were injured in an auto accident, book an appointment with a car accident doctor in Nassau County. Whether it was a small fender-bender or a serious collision, like your automobile, your body can also be damaged and in need of repair. Quan Medical PLLC has the knowledge and experience to treat all types of car accident injuries from whiplash to bone fractures to back issues and more.

Quan Medical PLLC is a highly recommended medical and physical therapy practice that appears at the top of an online search for an accident doctor near me in Manhasset Hills, NY. Quan Medical PLLC are also orthopedic doctors that will assess car accident injuries. If you are experiencing minor headaches, sore muscles, or even have a broken bone, contact Quan Medical PLLC at 516-898-7676 immediately to book an appointment with the Quan Medical PLLC car accident doctor Manhasset Hills.

Some information about Manhasset Hills, NY

Manhasset Hills is a hamlet and census-designated place (CDP) in the Town of North Hempstead in Nassau County, on Long Island, in New York, United States. The population was 3,592 at the 2010 census. Neighboring communities include Herricks, North Hills, North New Hyde Park, and Lake Success.

By the late 1950s, much of the land in Manhasset Hills had been developed by developers. One of the last major developments to be built was the Cherrywood Homes development, which was built on a 24-acre tract by Barney and Martin Spiegel. The development was built with 88 split-level houses designed by A.H. Salkowitz, and was constructed on one of the last remaining major undeveloped tracts of land available in Manhasset Hills.

In the 1980s and 1990s, roughly 1,000 Manhasset Hills residents attempted to prevent the State of New York from placing a group home in their neighborhood for people with mental disabilities. Many were concerned that their property values would decrease because of the group home’s presence, and attempted to change a law in order to prevent the home from being established. The residents were successful in preventing the group home from being established in their community, and the home was instead established in nearby New Hyde Park.

The Long Island Motor Parkway used to run along the northern border of the hamlet.

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