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9 Characteristics You’ll Find in a Whitestone, NY Best Physical Therapist Near Me

The physical therapy sector continues to grow in the United States. Moreover, it’s a non-surgical treatment that doesn’t require a referral from a primary doctor. At Quan Medical PLLC, you’ll find a Whitestone, NY best physical therapist near me. 

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According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the physical therapy sector will see job growth through the year 2030. Data places the growth at an estimated 21%, faster than other sectors. In 2020, the field employed 239,000 licensed professionals. 

As Americans age, it’s logical to believe that more individuals will require the services of a physical therapist. In addition, therapy providers remain well compensated for their services. Many earn $40 an hour. They also earn a salary that tops $90,000 annually.

Keep in mind that physical therapists put in their time to reach this compensation level. Even though they are not physicians, their education and licensing requirements are many. For example, an individual aiming to become a professional in this field must graduate from high school. Then they earn a graduate degree from college.

While attending college, they study biology, neuroscience, cardiovascular sciences, or pharmacology. Studying physiology, anatomy, or kinesiology are other options.

After earning a degree, it’s time for them to gain hands-on experience. The process is similar to a doctor in training who completes a residency. It’s a step that ensures individuals in the program are truly interested and dedicated to the field. Their residency allows them to practice neurology, aquatics, pediatrics, or sports therapy. Women’s health, geriatrics, or home health are other options.

Now the individual returns to school to earn their Doctor of Physical Therapy degree. The Doctor program is far more focused. Subjects they study include biomechanics, the musculoskeletal system, pathology, or evidence-based practice.

Like doctors, physical therapists must hit the ground running on day one of gaining employment at a clinic, hospital, or private medical office.

All physical therapists who wish to practice in New York must gain their license. Thus, the next step toward gainful employment is meeting the licensing requirements. A fellowship follows. After completing their residency, the therapists become employable. It takes several years to become a licensed Whitestone physical therapist. Once they complete all the requirements, they are ready to help heal patients and educate them. Thus, the compensation is on par with their education and experience level on the first day of their new job.

Since the process is so strenuous, you can expect to see a Queens County best physical therapist near me when you make an appointment. Only the most qualified reach the finish line.

If you want reassurance that you’re going to receive the best service, the following are nine characteristics to look for in a therapist such as those who work at Quan Medical PLLC.

They Set the Patient’s Expectations

A medical professional who practices physical therapy receives the responsibility to help their patients cope with pain. They have the skills to alleviate the pain their patient experiences. The exact amount of pain reduction varies. No two patients are exactly alike. Age, weight, medical condition, medical history, and severity play a role.

An estimated 10% of stroke patients recover almost 100% of their mobility, function, and independence. Data shows that 25% of patients recover but live with minor deficiencies. They lose some range of motion, cognitive skills, and function. However, they don’t need around-the-clock help from a family member or professional caretaker.

On the other hand, 40% of stroke patients require help. They lose their ability to live independently. Plus, 25% of stroke patients experience a second episode. 

Whitestone, NY physical therapy patients that experienced a workplace injury are sometimes in a better place than a stroke patient. If they slipped on a wet floor, they simply require therapy to treat a sprain.

Now, an older patient who falls is at risk for serious injury or death. 

During the first appointment with a Queens County physical therapist, the patient undergoes an extensive evaluation. The therapist explores the patient’s medical history including family. They take note of the patient’s age, previous health status, and weight. 

In some cases, the patient undergoes a second appointment for a thorough examination. In others, the evaluation and examination take place on the same day. Therefore, the patient must set aside at least two uninterrupted hours.

The examination takes the patient through a series of physical tests. The tests depend on the reason for the visit. These tests help the therapist understand the patient’s physical capacity such as range of motion, mobility, and pain threshold. 

All the information gathered helps the therapist reach a prognosis and diagnosis. They set the rehabilitation treatment plan. In addition, they set the potential outcomes. At this point, the best physical therapists set their patient’s expectations.

Physical therapy isn’t a cakewalk for every patient. It’s a challenge that requires commitment and effort. 

After the initial evaluation and examination, the best therapist doesn’t overpromise. Instead, they offer their patients a realistic outcome and move forward from there. 

They Remain Patient with their Patients

Most patients who have undergone physical therapy know that the process isn’t easy. Recovering from pain poses a challenge. Therapy forces the patient to re-learn how to complete simple tasks. Patients also push through their pain threshold. 

Therefore, the best physical therapist remembers that most patients commit to the process. The therapist remains patient with their patients. Some individuals falter in their commitment to recover or reduce pain. They fail to give up things that push them back three steps after taking two forward. 

A patient who continues to attend their sessions on time, merits patience. If they’re working to push to the other side of their pain threshold, they’re working. 

They Express Compassion Toward their Patients

Professionals in the physical therapy field are coaches in their own right. They walk patients through stretches and exercises meant to strengthen their muscles, improve flexibility, and decrease pain. 

Professional coaches in sports ride their players hard to get results. It’s not the best approach to take every time, but sometimes it’s necessary. 

A physical rehabilitation professional who notices that their patient is pushing at 100% merits words of encouragement. They also earn compassion.

All professionals require a good bedside manner. It’s the skill that helps people get along with each other even though it’s a challenge. Expressing compassion toward patients is a sign that the patient is working with one of the best therapists.

Some patients need more compassion than others. These patients also require some coddling. Other patients have more independence. They attend their sessions to recover promptly. Recovering means that they can return to work or their daily responsibilities at home. 

Words of encouragement and compassion resonate with patients. It helps them keep pushing for themselves.

The Therapist Collaborates with their Patients

During a session, the person in the room who has the authority is the physical rehabilitation specialist. The professional attended several years of higher education. They completed a residency and earned their license. Thus, they worked to receive the right to practice.

Some patients enter a therapy session with their ideas. The internet helps people find information within seconds. Websites dedicated to describing symptoms of the disease are plenty. Thus, some patients are actively educating themselves.

A patient will make requests during a session. They want their treatment plan to head in a different direction from the one suggested by the therapist.

Sometimes it is worthwhile to collaborate with the patients. A therapist benefits from setting down parameters before allowing this to happen. For example, ask the patient to work with your plan first. After a set amount of time, revisit the treatment plan. If the desired results are different from the patient’s expectations, then it’s possible to try a different route.

Collaboration with patients helps build trust between the two parties. It also makes them feel like they’re a part of their recovery.

The Therapist Shares Knowledge with their Patients

Professionals in the physical therapy field help heal patients. Thus, they’re healers; they’re also educators.

A physiotherapist acquires a lot of information about their patient. Their job is to pull together the plan that will reduce their pain. Once the patient makes progress, it’s important to keep them motivated. In some cases, a patient can negatively impact their progress. 

To keep the patient on track, it’s important to educate them on the dos and don’ts. Some people can hear the same warnings several times over and never mind them. There’s very little a medical professional can do in these cases. Nonetheless, the medical community must speak the words to their patients.

Changing the delivery helps. Repetition is another trick to consider. Some patients have an experience outside the physical therapy clinic that forces things to click in their minds. Thus, they change.

The Therapist Remains Determined

Every physical rehabilitation case is different. A therapist will see self-motivated patients. They’re ready to heal, reduce their pain, and return to their daily life. Other patients will be more difficult to reach. 

When things are rough with a patient, the best physical therapist remains determined. 

Remember that therapy pushes patients through their pain threshold. It’s far easier to give up than to experience the additional pain. The best therapists encourage their clients to remain committed through sheer determination. 

The Therapist Maintains Respect

If things get tough with a case, the best therapist maintains respect. An injured patient has their mind in several different spots. They’re trying to return to work because they need their income. Their income pays the rent, their family’s meals, and children’s medications. 

Some feel like they’re recovering too slowly; they have the world’s weight on their shoulders. Patients have a right to their feelings, worries, and doubts, especially if they’re not expressing disrespect toward their therapist. 

The relationship works best when both parties maintain respect for each other. If the patient expresses a different feeling, maintain your professionalism.

Communication is a Strong Suit

School teaches the best physical therapists everything they need to know about the human body. The hands-on experience and residency teach the therapist how to communicate. 

The collegiate environment teaches professionals in the physical therapy field the medical terms for the human body. During a session, translate the terms into words that patients will understand. 

Advanced patients may be curious about the technical terms for their injury, treatment plan, and diagnosis. The rest need to understand their progress in everyday English words. For the patient to reach their expected outcomes, they need to be on the same page as the professional treating them.

A solid professional in the physical therapy field counts communication as a strong suit.

The Therapist Maintains a Positive Attitude

A therapy session wears out a patient. Many feel soreness after a session. They feel tired. 

In 2021, over 230,000 licensed physical therapists practice their skill set. An estimated 38,000 physical therapy clinics are in operation. On average, clinics see 100 to 200 patients go through their doors for a session that lasts one hour. 

Patients have one to three sessions a week. Then, they go home. The professionals who work at the clinics see patients continuously, especially if they’re the best. It’s normal for this workload to wear out any professional. At the office, keep a positive attitude.

A positive attitude helps each patient accomplish their rehabilitation goals per session. 

Some sessions are rough. Either the patient didn’t try to execute at their potential or another didn’t show up. All professions have their ups and downs. Moreover, they face difficulties. A positive attitude doesn’t solve the world’s problems, but it does make the best out of every situation.

To book an appointment with our Quan Medical PLLC Whitestone, NY best physical therapist near me, call us at 516-898-7676. We serve Queens County. In addition, we also serve ? and varRegion. You can view a list of our services by visiting our website.


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