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7 Signs It’s Time to Seek Glenwood Landing, NY Physical Therapy Near Me

An estimated 50% of Americans benefit from the services of a Glenwood Landing physical therapy near me professional. In 2016, only 12% of Americans visited a physical therapist. Reducing or eliminating pain is the most common reason individuals seek treatment from a physical therapist. 

Individuals involved in workplace accidents, vehicle injuries, and surgery are the likeliest group to visit a clinic to receive therapy. Many times it is necessary to complete an insurance claim, such as worker’s compensation.

Other individuals benefit from the curative treatment. Aging causes muscles to tighten and joints to lose their range of motion. Thus, treatment benefits far more individuals than some believe.

A physical therapist resides within the medical field. They earn a doctorate, but not the training to become a physician. Their position ranks on the same level as dentists, surgeons, and optometrists. Physical therapists focus on pain management. 

Once an individual develops mild, chronic pain, they become a candidate for treatment therapy provided by a physical rehabilitation professional. Options include physiotherapy, sports injury rehabilitation, occupational therapy, and pelvic floor therapy.

The following are seven signs it’s time to seek Glenwood Landing, NY physical therapy near me services provided by Quan Medical PLLC.

You Experience Chronic Pain

If you’re seeking relief from chronic pain, it’s a sign to seek Glenwood Landing, NY rehabilitation service provided by a physical therapist. 

Studies from 2016 show that one in every five Americans lives with chronic pain. The pain ranges from mild to severe, but it never dissipates fully. Joint, neck and back pain are three chronic aches examples. Migraines, muscle pain, and scar tissue are three others.

The good news is that Nassau County’s physical therapy helps relieve chronic pain.

Aging is one reason why chronic pain develops. Poor posture, excessive weight, carrying heavy objects, and sleeping on a bad mattress are other culprits. 

Once a physical therapist understands the chronic pain’s source, they put together a pain treatment plan. 

Osteoarthritis, tendinitis, neuralgia, and diabetic nerve pain are common among older individuals. Once arthritis begins, it becomes a chronic condition. Unmanaged, individuals feel the condition in their body more prominently. 

Arthritis causes the joints to swell. Some people only feel it in one area of their body, such as the hands, knees, or ankles. Others feel it across their body. A pain management treatment plan for arthritis consists of several exercises.

The aim is to reduce the inflammation that causes discomfort. In many cases, the patient experiences improved mobility. Reducing the discomfort to zero isn’t always possible, but it’s the goal.

You Sustained an Injury

Americans experience an array of injuries annually. At home, the most common injury is falling. At work, common injuries include sprains, strains, and soreness. Although the rate of vehicular accidents is decreasing, when they occur, injuries are common, especially for the passenger.

In terms of treatment therapy for an injury, physical therapists engage in occupational therapy or physical rehabilitation. 

Occupational therapy helps individuals recover from an injury. In addition, it helps them rehabilitate to the point where they can accomplish daily activities again. Workers injured on the job go through this rehabilitative therapy. It helps them return to work promptly.

Physical therapists evaluate the injuries a worker sustained. Some work in tandem with medical professionals, lawyers, and employers to determine the patient’s ability to return to work. Undergoing therapy is often a required step in worker’s compensation cases.

Physiotherapy also denotes physical therapy. It takes place when individuals sustain an injury at home, in a vehicle, or in any other environment except work. Physical rehabilitation also helps individuals heal after surgery. Individuals who experience a stroke undergo rehabilitative services too.

While Nassau County’s physical therapy focuses on restoring an individual’s function, rehabilitation emphasizes recovery.

You Prefer a Holistic Pain Treatment Plan

Glenwood Landing, NY physical therapy offers a holistic alternative for those seeking a pain treatment plan. It’s very easy to consume medication for pain daily. It delivers relief and a host of dangerous side effects, namely addiction. Over time, the medication’s potency wears off. An increase in dosage puts the patient at more risk for side effects and addiction.

Sometimes surgery helps significantly alleviate pain. However, everyone isn’t a candidate for surgery. Weight, age, smoking, and drug use disqualify a person from undergoing surgery. Even those who qualify for the invasive procedure should seek alternatives. 

Physical treatment therapy remains an alternative to surgery. It’s a service that provides a non-surgical treatment option that delivers results. 

Your Range of Motion Is Diminishing

The human body ages. A person that cares for themselves during their young years can still experience joint, bone, and spine issues later on. If you notice that your range of motion is diminishing, it’s time to consult with a physical therapist professional.

Arthritis and contracture cause the range of motion to decrease. The decrease also results from mechanical, neurological, and infection issues.

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In most cases, it’s possible to restore range of motion through stretching. However, stretching becomes challenging after surgery, an injury, and chronic pain. Physical therapists establish a stretching routine for their patients and guide them.

Individuals who require help restoring their range of motion benefit from a professional’s help. On your own, it’s too easy to give up during a session or at all. Once you reach a pressure point or area of pain, many people stop stretching beyond it.

Professionals in the therapy field understand their patient’s threshold for pain. Sometimes it’s necessary to push through it. A tight muscle, tendon, or joint requires a breakthrough moment. Understandably, it’s difficult to overcome it alone.

Some conditions have no repair options. Once they become chronic, the patient lives with them for the rest of their life. Several other conditions have a remedy. A professional in the therapy field helps patients recover their range of motion.

It helps when the patient walks into the clinic with motivation. Recovering from surgery, an injury, or a stroke poses a challenge. Those who walk into it with optimism and ready to work reap the benefits of these services.

You Experience Dizziness

Anxiety disorders, heart issues, and sudden drops in blood pressure cause dizziness. Anemia, ear infections, and dehydration also cause it. If your dizziness occurs because you’re losing your balance, it’s time to seek professional Nassau County’s physical therapy treatment near me.

Older adults experience dizziness in great numbers. In addition, they experience more falls. It’s important to correct dizziness and balance issues before they become a threat. 

A physical therapist explores their patient’s source of dizziness. Medications, the inner ear, and brain disorders cause dizziness too. Symptoms of dizziness include feeling like the room is spinning. Lightheadedness and floating sensations remain common symptoms too.

Feeling tired, nausea, inability to walk, and decreased ability to concentrate often accompany dizziness. 

If the source is an inner ear issue, physical therapists focus on the head. It’s up to them to loosen reposition the crystals located in the region. When they sit on the sensitive portions of the ear, it’s possible to impact the individual’s balance.

Based on the results, the therapist employs other techniques thereafter.

Your Body Feels Weaker

When a feeling of weakness overcomes a person, it’s important to understand why. Sometimes it’s obvious, such as an injury, recent surgery, or trauma. As mentioned before, age plays a role in the human body too.

It’s possible that feeling weaker stems from a lack of exercise, sleep, and a healthy diet. If you lack exercise, it’s time to make an appointment with a Glenwood Landing, NY physical therapy professional.

A lack of exercise leads to high blood pressure, heart disease, weight gain, and diabetes risk. Before a physical therapist assembles a treatment program for their patient, they aim to understand what caused the lack of exercise in the first place.

Individuals learn to live with mild chronic pain. It’s a dull sensation they experience, but it’s not so significant that the sensation prevents completing daily activities. Over time, individuals stop participating in favorite activities, such as playing pick-up basketball games with friends or outdoor sports with family members.

Neck and back pain are common among Americans. It starts on such a low scale that most simply live with it.

If you notice that you’re experiencing weakness, it’s time to visit a physical therapy near me clinic in New York. 

Physical therapists take patients through a series of low-impact exercises. The exercises help patients build strength in the areas where they feel weakest. 

As a bonus, patients learn the exercises at the therapy clinic with the therapist. Then, they can complete them at home. The therapist is the guide. They measure a patient’s progress. If patients require help, correction, or motivation, the physical therapist provides that service.

In addition, women who feel weaker can receive beneficial help from a professional physical therapist.

Women in particular benefit from the services of a physical therapist. Females benefit from pelvic floor therapy.

Science shows that women age more harshly than men. The female reproductive system is far more complicated than the male system. Therefore, women go through harsher developmental stages in their life. 

When women enter their child-bearing years, their reproductive system flushes itself out once a month except when pregnant. When women exit their child-bearing years, their reproductive system experiences major changes that impact their entire health.

Pelvic floor therapy targets the pelvic floor muscles. It also seeks to strengthen the connective tissues and ligaments. Women who experience pain during urination, urine leakage, and painful bowel movements are candidates for this therapy.

In addition, pain after intercourse is another reason to seek this therapy treatment.

This area of the body is unique to females. Since she bears the children, her body experiences growing a life inside her female reproductive system. In many ways, it’s a trauma that the body experiences. Thus, it has profound effects on her body and overall health.

The good news is that pelvic floor physiotherapy exists and offers a solution.

You’re Getting Ready for a Physical Competition

Nassau County’s physical therapy helps treat injuries, especially for athletes. In addition, it’s possible to learn how to prevent them in the future. 

Individuals who participate in physical competitions must remain in top condition. It’s too easy for a physical competitor to pull a hamstring, groin muscle, or sciatica nerve. 

If you’re getting ready for a physical competition, it’s a sign to make a physical therapy near me appointment. For example, you have previous injuries you want to prevent. A sports therapy specialist walks through your options with you. Plus, they offer solutions for future training regimens.

For athletes, consider consulting with a performance therapy specialist. Sports physical therapy involves treating current injuries. They also take a look at previous ones suffered. Scar tissue acts as an athlete’s worst nightmare. If the scar tissue becomes profound, it limits the range of motion, mobility, and causes discomfort.

Sports therapy specialists are unique to the physical therapy field. They study the basic curriculum for treating patients and common ailments. Those focused on sports therapy also study psychology and unique physician challenges athletes face. Thus, you put someone on your team that’s multi-faceted and keeps you in top physical condition.

A session lasts between 30 to 60 minutes. The therapist avoids overworking the patient’s muscles, injury, and body. After a brief conversation to catch up with the patient, the sports therapist begins to work on the treatment plan. Therapists need to know if something is working or not. It allows them to make adjustments as necessary.

Sometimes manual therapy is the best course of treatment. Other times a series of hip extension, planks, and stretching exercises work best. 

Quan Medical PLLC physical therapy services provide pain management solutions for an array of patients. The symptoms and circumstances determine the best course of action for each individual.

For more information about making a Glenwood Landing, NY physical therapy near me appointment, contact Quan Medical PLLC at 516-898-7676. We service ? and varRegion. To view a list of our services, visit our website.


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