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7 Reasons to Seek New Cassel, NY Best Physical Therapy Near Me

New Cassel, NY best physical therapy near me places a focus on helping patients recover. They also help patients rehabilitate from surgery, pain, and injury. The road to recovery involves an initial evaluation. An initial examination follows. After a diagnosis, the physical therapist puts together the patient’s physical recovery treatment plan.

The team at a New Cassel physical therapy clinic like Quan Medical PLLC aims to deliver patient relief through a series of exercises. They guide patients through stretching and planks. Many times the physical rehabilitation exercises pose a challenge. Thus, it’s up to the physical therapist to help their patients push through them. 

Studies show that 46% of rehabilitation therapy patients report spine ailments. They visit a physical therapy clinic to receive relief from their chronic pain condition. 

In addition, 52% of physical rehabilitation therapy patients received a referral for occupational therapy, rehabilitation service, or physiotherapy.

When you receive Nassau County’s best physical therapy, you’ll notice a difference in your level of pain. While it may not drop to zero, commitment to therapy leads to a reduction in pain and an increase in relief. Patients receive the ability to go back to work, independence to complete daily tasks, and a new lease on life.

The best therapy offers additional benefits. For example, physical rehabilitation through a therapist lowers the cost of medical care. Estimates show that physical treatment care lowers medical costs by up to 72% across the board in the United States including New York.

Here we take a look at seven reasons to seek New Cassel, NY best physical therapy near me from professionals such as Quan Medical PLLC.

Reduce the Symptoms of Chronic Pain

The purpose of physical therapy is to help reduce pain. At a physical rehabilitation clinic, patients receive professional physiotherapy services that target the pain’s source.

Arthritis is the most common cause of chronic pain. Thereafter, weight, poor posture, and other lifestyle choices play a significant role. For example, women who wear heels throughout their professional careers are more likely to experience chronic pain in their later years.

Individuals who carry excess weight place additional stress on their joints. Eventually, it creates noticeably wear and tear. Once the cartilage in between the bones wears out, the bones rub together. The result is arthritis and other chronic pain in the joints.

Therapy provided by a physical therapist aims to reduce the effects of arthritis and other sources of chronic pain. Individuals who live with poor posture cause an imbalance in their bodies. They overcompensate on one side or section. 

A therapist finds poor posture first. Next, they diagnose the damage. If that’s the source of the chronic pain, they formulate a treatment therapy plan. The professional teaches the patient to modify their posture. Plus, each session takes the patient through a set of exercises and stretches. The goal is to re-align the body and push it into a better posture.

Keep in mind that chronic conditions are lifelong occurrences. Although pain continues for many individuals, it’s far easier to manage it in 2021 than it was a few decades ago. Thanks to the tools and practices taught to the rehabilitation industry, it’s possible to overcome discomfort. It’s no longer something that remains disruptive. 

Each patient receives an education with their treatment. Therapists provide patients with tools to continue treatment at home. In the beginning, sessions take place up to three times a week. As the patient gains strength, the number of sessions rolls back. The therapist becomes a guide.

They check on the patient’s progress and check off the milestones accomplished. Plus, the therapist offers corrections at the clinic. 

Rehabilitate from an Injury

Occupational therapy is a common service provided by Nassau County’s best physical therapy near me clinics. Individuals rehabilitating from an injury often receive a referral to rehabilitative services from their primary care doctor. 

Individuals involved in a workplace injury receive a referral to the services from their primary care doctor or legal team.

The focus of occupational therapy is to help individuals continue participating in the activities that they enjoy. It’s common for individuals involved in workplace injuries to seek this therapy. Most need to find out if they can return to work in any capacity. A therapist offers them the opportunity to rehabilitate and a progress evaluation.

Children benefit from occupational therapy too. Pediatric physical therapy helps children with disabilities participate in school activities and social events. They become part of the group and enjoy hanging out with their friends. 

This sub-category of the physical rehabilitation field aims to treat older adults experiencing cognitive changes too.

Individuals who require help accomplishing daily tasks benefit from occupational therapy.

Rehabilitate from a Medical Condition

Neurological conditions impact an estimated 16% of American households. About 20 million Americans experience a form of neuropathy according to medical studies. Neurological conditions include spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, and developmental delays in babies.

Parkinson’s disease, cerebral palsy, and muscular dystrophy are three more neuropathy conditions that develop over time. A stroke impacts the brain and so do sports injuries to the head.

Individuals experiencing any form of neuropathy benefit from attending New Cassel, NY best physical therapy near me sessions. 

Physiotherapists help their patients regain mobility caused by movement impairments. This therapy has an indirect impact on the brain. Physical rehabilitation focuses on making the muscles strong again. 

Strong muscles reduce the risk of injury. If you do fall, your recovery time is shorter. In addition, the individual’s endurance increases. Put together, strong muscles help the brain function at a better rate. 

A physical therapist doesn’t treat the brain directly. However, exercising the muscles during rehabilitation treatment sessions can help. It’s one way to restore motor function, a step in the right direction. The brain is a muscle too. Stronger muscles help improve a person’s memory and cognitive function.

Individuals who require rehabilitation after a medical episode benefit from rehabilitation services at a physical therapy clinic.

Manage Aging

No one is immune to the effects of aging. It catches up to everyone. As you put more miles on your body, the different parts wear out. 

To age well, it’s important to consume a healthy diet, exercise daily, avoid consuming substances such as drugs, and sleep enough nightly. It also helps to understand your family’s medical history.

Even the healthiest person can succumb to their family’s medical history such as cancer, heart issues, high blood pressure, and cholesterol. Thus, every person’s life plan requires methods for reducing and preventing disease risks. 

According to the Centers for Disease Control in 2018, only 23% of Americans exercised enough. Time is the biggest barrier Americans face when it comes to exercising more often. Experiencing pain is another.

Once an individual experiences pain, it’s time to seek Nassau County’s best physical therapy near me services. It’s rare for the pain to dissipate on its own. Once an individual experiences pain in their body, it’s a sign that a condition, disease, or illness has already progressed. Therefore, it’s better to stay a step ahead of these potential problems. 

A physical therapist helps their patients manage aging. Their plan helps patients keep their muscles strong. Strong muscles improve recovery time and balance. An estimated 36 million Americans fall annually. Falls result in 32,000 deaths. Plus, an estimated three million older Americans experience a severe injury from a fall.

Individuals who notice that the effects of aging are catching up to them benefit from the services provided by a physical therapist at a clinic.

Improve Your Balance

The average lifespan for the United States is just under 80 years old for men and women. A person’s body starts to deteriorate at age 25. It’s a tough pill to swallow for many individuals. If the public takes their primary doctor’s advice, they stave off the effects of aging such as balance issues.

Balance issues require attention. As your bone density decreases, your body becomes frailer. Falls become more life-threatening as bones become more brittle. The solution is to improve your balance by seeking advice from the best physical therapist near me specialist.

First, a therapist seeks to understand why their patient is experiencing balance issues. They assess the patient with an initial evaluation and examination. The information allows them to formulate an appropriate physical treatment plan. Thereafter the therapist can measure progress. 

Feeling unsteady, dizziness, and vision blurriness indicate that balance issues exist. During therapy, the professional helps alleviate the symptoms and causes. 

For example, the middle ear is the cause of balance problems in several cases. If crystals sit on the sensitive part of the middle ear, the therapist aims to shift their position to another spot.

To alleviate balance problems, physical therapists help clients regain strength. When regaining balance will require some time, they can make additional recommendations. Some clients benefit from using a balance aid such as a cane.

Once the patient realizes better balance, they can place their aid in storage. Attending sessions with a physical therapist is a non-surgical treatment that provides several benefits.

If you notice that your balance is off, it’s time to make an appointment to see a physical balance therapist.

Improve Range of Motion

Maintaining a range of motion is important for all individuals. Without it, completing daily tasks becomes more challenging. 

Range of motion indicates your ability to stretch your arm out fully when reaching for the cereal on top of the refrigerator. If you can’t, something is obstructing it. Blocked range of motion comes from mechanical issues stemming from the joints. 

Swelling in the joint, issues with the muscles, and disease obstructs a person’s range. Pain, such as arthritis, is another culprit.

Patients who require therapy to rehabilitate their range of motion will go through a series of stretches. In static stretching, the patient holds a stretch position for several seconds. The longer the patient holds the position, the more results they’ll receive.

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In dynamic stretching, the patient practices actively stretching their range of motion. For example, circle arm stretches are dynamic. It tests the patient’s shoulders and arm strength. The dynamic stretch tests the patient’s endurance too.

Foam rolling has become a popular stretch among athletes and physical therapists. The stretch offers additional benefits. The action helps individuals release the stress and tension they’re holding in their muscles.

To understand your initial range of motion, a physical treatment specialist tests your flexibility. They examine your age, past injuries, and physical traumas. It’s common for injuries in a person’s 20s to impact them in their 50s and on.

If you notice that completing daily tasks is challenging, a visit to a Nassau County physical therapy clinic is your first step toward regaining your range of motion. 

Manage Your Health

An estimated 33% of the population benefits from physical rehabilitation services. Obvious candidates include individuals involved in an accident, workplace injury, older adults, and those who suffered medical trauma, such as a stroke.

Individuals interested in managing their physical health benefit from physiotherapy services too.

The medical community continually finds that the population requires daily physical activity. The exact amount varies from one person to the next. Blue-collar workers receive more daily activity than their white-collar counterparts. It’s one reason why so many office workers obtain a gym membership.

A physical therapy session differs from a workout at the gym, even for athletes. For example, a therapist and athletic trainer differ. A trainer helps their client become stronger, more agile, and athletic. Sports physical therapists also help their clients become better athletes; they also treat injuries. Thus, a sports therapist serves more purposes including helping clients manage their health.

It’s possible to manage health through several sources. To see a professional therapist, you don’t need a referral; just make an appointment.

To receive the best physical therapy near me services in New Cassel, NY, call Quan Medical PLLC at 516-898-7676 to schedule an appointment. Our physical therapy clinic serves ? and varRegion. We offer a menu of treatment options. To view them, visit our website.


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